One of successful and effective digital marketing solutions

SMS is the most powerful now in the world of e-digital marketing solutions because it simply reaches everyone through a message that contains text in a way that is appropriate for your company of services and products and everyone now has a smartphone that has become an integral part of our daily life using it at all practical and leisure times and to communicate with others it was Pages Qatar is one of the first companies to understand this and recruited a team to develop the service and since then it has become one of the most powerful companies in Qatar in this field.

Why SMS ...!?


98% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes of sending them. SMS is the easiest and fastest way to reach all Qatar residents


All companies trust text messages as they achieve what many marketing operations achieve in less time and with cheaper and faster cost in recipients' response to text messages.

Increase in profits

SMS increases your profits by more than any other e-marketing method as it is cheap and gives an opportunity to deal directly with customers

SMS Packages

Choose your package and win new customers









Application form to send a test text

This form allows you to prepare an experimental text for your campaign. Please fill out all fields with your contact details.

Personal Data

Message Data

Service requirements

Sender Name

which is a 11-letter name in English only that appears to recipients of text messages as a sender of the message

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Message Text

The text of the message is the content that will be sent within the advertising campaign and it is in Arabic or English and for the purpose of notification in the case of choosing the Arabic language the maximum number of letters for the message is 70 characters, but in the case of the English language the maximum is 160 characters and if the message exceeds the maximum number of letters the quantity doubles In case of wanting to send 1000 messages and the text exceeds the maximum, the quantity will be calculated twice according to the number of syllables (syllable in Arabic = 70 characters and in English 160 characters)

Target group

The target group is determined by the customer in proportion to the type of service or product advertised, and the Qatar Pages team for Palm Marketing

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